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A320 Displays and Panels

Fisher Web Design currently offers the A320 Displays and Panels ebook for $39.99. Designed for desktop and tablet computers. Currently only available on Apple's iPad at Apple iTunes, but will be developed for other devices soon.

The A320 Displays and Panels ebook provides a description of every A320 cockpit instrument, control panel, and display. A unique menu driven format with color graphic links and index pages make it extremely easy to find information. This product is designed for professional pilots who are preparing to transition to the A320.

Try it out on line for free by clicking on the Demo button above. The iPad version has additional features including automatic updates, pinch to zoom in and out, and swipe left or right to previous or next page.


Navigation can be accomplished by clicking on a control panel's button, switch, or by using the navigation buttons on the top and right side of each page.

The "Menu" page provides a title list of all displays and panels by aircraft systems. Clicking on the title of an aircraft system will take you to a table of contents page that list displays and control panels associated with each aircraft system. Each page is numbered.

The "Panels" button provides a graphic interface for selecting any control panel in the cockpit. An index is also available for finding a control panel, switch, button, or display symbol quickly.